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Posted by John Hansen on 10/10/2017 9:21:39 PM

Security and Compliance for All Unstructured Patient Content
The following is the second installment of a four-part blog series about the value of VNAs. Click to read Part 1, Part 3 and Part 4.

An often overlooked – or perhaps taken for granted – benefit of VNA is security and compliance for all unstructured patient content. There is a lot to chew on in that sentence. Let’s break it down.


Posted by Jon DeVries on 10/17/2013 2:31:05 PM

Top Ways an Enterprise-wide Imaging Strategy Benefits ACOs
At the risk of stating the obvious, accountable care organizations (ACOs), at their most fundamental level, are about accountability – holding member physicians, hospitals and other providers accountable for the quality and cost of the care they give their patients. After all, an ACO’s primary mission, when all is said and done, is to improve quality, reduce costs and increase efficiency by coordinating patients’ healthcare needs.


Posted by Falon Greer on 7/22/2013 2:03:37 PM

Top Five Image-Sharing Misconceptions
I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to travel all over the country and examine different hospitals’ workflow and challenges first-hand. From small community hospitals to large, multi-state IDNs, I have a 35,000 foot view of common workflows and issues. That’s because I work for a vendor. The clients I service aren’t so lucky.  “Running lean” is the common theme of this decade. Every employee is doing the work of two or more people in the same 40, 50, 60 hour work week. Finding a half-hour to complete some actual research on new solutions in healthcare is a rare luxury. There are too many budget cuts, server failures, reimbursement changes, Meaningful Use attestations, software upgrades and then bugs and then patches, and oh yeah, that teeny little task of saving lives. 


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