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Posted by Steve Tolle on 3/27/2014 12:27:55 PM

From Volume to Value: Strengthening the Imaging Value Chain
In a recent article from Journal of the American College of Radiology, a variety of authors make the argument that radiologists can and must assume a leadership role in shaping the U.S. healthcare system. They discuss that, as healthcare organizations turn their attention away from providers and volume to focus more on patients and value, radiology practices that “align their priorities accordingly will more likely achieve success” in this new healthcare environment. Enterprise-wide imaging strategies and interoperability can be a huge factor in the long-term success of a healthcare organization. But let’s consider a few of the other key points within the article… 


Posted by Steve Tolle on 1/31/2014 1:54:58 PM

2014: The Year of Interoperability
As we head into the New Year, it’s important to proactively consider the changes that are taking place within the healthcare industry. From the Affordable Care Act providing access to millions of previously uninsured Americans to the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 for medical diagnoses reporting, 2014 will bring about some of the most significant challenges within the healthcare market to date. How these challenges are met — or not met — could largely determine which providers are standing tall this time next year.


Posted by Lisa Davies on 8/2/2013 3:12:25 PM

An Imaging Strategy Helps Your Practice – and Your Patients
Don’t underestimate the value of implementing an enterprise-wide imaging strategy, especially when it comes to holding onto your most important stakeholders: your patients. Being able to efficiently store and manage medical images and data doesn’t just help you as the provider; it also helps strengthen your patients’ bonds with your practice.


Posted by Falon Greer on 7/22/2013 2:03:37 PM

Top Five Image-Sharing Misconceptions
I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to travel all over the country and examine different hospitals’ workflow and challenges first-hand. From small community hospitals to large, multi-state IDNs, I have a 35,000 foot view of common workflows and issues. That’s because I work for a vendor. The clients I service aren’t so lucky.  “Running lean” is the common theme of this decade. Every employee is doing the work of two or more people in the same 40, 50, 60 hour work week. Finding a half-hour to complete some actual research on new solutions in healthcare is a rare luxury. There are too many budget cuts, server failures, reimbursement changes, Meaningful Use attestations, software upgrades and then bugs and then patches, and oh yeah, that teeny little task of saving lives. 


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