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Posted by Watson Health Imaging on 7/31/2017 10:35:55 AM

A Guide to Optimizing Safety & Performance for Imaging IT Implementation
Implementing and maintaining medical imaging IT systems requires continuous clinical surveillance and diligence. In the absence of formal processes and clearly delineated job descriptions, poor decisions can be easily (and innocently) made by those acting without input from other essential stakeholders. So, how can organizational leaders help ensure proper clinical oversight?


Posted by Murray Reicher, MD FACR on 10/6/2016 7:38:54 AM

How to Successfully Manage Your Imaging IT Partner
Although I'm now employed full time as the Chief Medical Officer of Merge, for most of my 38 years in healthcare, I worked full time as a radiologist, performing diagnostic and interventional procedures. Throughout my career as a physician, I also developed and helped run imaging centers, and participated in the management of a hospital radiology department. So, while today, I spend much of my time thinking about how as a vendor-partner I can help our healthcare customers succeed, for much of my career, I had a different perspective and goal—making sure my vendors were supporting and enabling my practice's success.  What follows are tips to help guide these important partnerships.


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Our blog covers topics related to medical images, including how to safely and securely archive, manage and share these important pieces of medical information. We also discuss issues related to imaging, such as industry trends, government regulation, reimbursement changes and much more.

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