10 reasons you should re-evaluate your prior authorization strategy

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​Every year, $40 billion worth of payments are lost to write-offs.  With government mandates and payer guidelines growing more complex, providers can’t afford to forfeit reimbursements from claims denials. To streamline prior-authorization amidst the complexity of clinical decisions and payer policies, providers must seek better ways to handle their processes. 

Merge has established partnerships with two of the most significant specialty benefits management companies, eviCore healthcare and AIM Specialty Health, to simplify the process of obtaining prior authorization for healthcare services through our iConnect® Network Services. With these strategic partnerships, our customers will soon be able to offer their referrers one simple, secure web-based portal to order imaging services and acquire prior authorizations in real time, every day. 

Discover the 10 reasons you should re-evaluate your prior authorization strategy in our latest infographic.


Originally posted on: 4/14/2016 3:09:22 PM

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