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Easier. Better. Faster: The convergence of convenience and cardiac care
Alternate text Posted by Watson Health Imaging on 4/11/2016 11:37:02 AM

Easier. Better. Faster: The convergence of convenience and cardiac care
Convenience. We’ve come to expect it throughout all facets of life – and across industries, convenience is being delivered in abundance. The catch-phrase, “there’s an app for that” still rings true as people across the globe turn to technology to simplify their lives and save them precious time. From having groceries delivered to your door to cashing a check on your phone, consumer markets have embraced a fast-and-easy philosophy, and the medical world has taken heed.

Patient portals facilitate quick appointment bookings and subsequent reminders. Electronic Health Records (EHR) – among other things – eliminate cumbersome, duplicative paperwork. And in radiology, the advent of teleradiology allows for the transmission of radiological images (X-rays, CTs, MRs, etc.) from one location to another so that physicians and radiologists can seamlessly share studies without sharing a physical space.

At ACC.16, convenience was a prevalent theme, particularly with regard to reducing the need for patient transportation. Mobile equipment is becoming a more popular – and less expensive – alternative, allowing physicians to screen and treat heart conditions when a patient is not near a hospital. Minimizing unnecessary transportation translates into decreased risk to the patient, and hopefully, better outcomes.
As anticipated, imaging technology continues to develop at a rapid pace. Analytics tools, including the way cardiologists read their reports, are a growing focus of innovation. Developments in this area could usher in a new age of convenience for cardiologists, making it easier not only to view images, but to diagnose and treat as well.  At this point, it appears to be a question not of if, but when.

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