One billion images in the cloud: A Merge milestone

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One billion images in the cloud. It's a milestone that's difficult to envision but easy to take pride in. Merge recently hit this mark – with over 100 clients – securely storing a billion images in our iConnect® Cloud Archive. And while milestones can mean different things to different people (and organizations), at Merge, this accomplishment exemplifies the value and importance of protecting our clients, their patients, and an extraordinary amount of data.

Fueling the growth of cloud 
Cloud adoption in the healthcare industry has accelerated over the last few years and is projected to keep growing. According to HIMSS Analytics:
  • 83% of healthcare systems already use the cloud in some capacity
  • 53% have plans to migrate Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery functions to the cloud
  • 41% plan to include cloud solutions in their strategy for archiving data

Given these figures, it's no surprise that the global healthcare cloud computing market is forecasted to triple from 2015 to 2020, eventually reaching $9.48 billion. Several challenges are fueling this growth, such as:
  • Expanding regulatory compliance requirements, including long-term archive and lifecycle management of images stemming from the rising adoption of electronic health records
  • Increasing the capital investment required to acquire or refresh equipment, and the ongoing need to upgrade, maintain and replace storage infrastructure to maintain adherence to new regulations
  • Rising operating costs associated with expanding IT departments
  • Centralizing IT strategies due to merger and acquisition activities
  • The need for more flexible, scalable solutions

Why move to the cloud?
So, why does all of this matter? Because healthcare systems are operating in a largely unsustainable environment. According to Healthcare IT News, prominent healthcare executives are predicting a drastic shift from on-premise IT infrastructure into the cloud due to all of the factors above.

Simply put, moving on-premise image storage into a cloud solution makes good sense. Your patients deserve a secure data environment to provide the best outcomes. Your healthcare system demands a solution that is resilient and can meet the growing technological and regulatory needs that you face. Click here to find out how iConnect Cloud Archive can help.

Originally posted on: 4/28/2017 2:46:05 PM

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