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It’s no secret that interoperability is a growing challenge for the health IT industry. Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) interviewed Steve Tolle, Merge’s Chief Strategy Officer and President of iConnect® Network Services, to learn how iConnect Network Services addresses the challenges providers face when striving for interoperability success.

RBMA asked Steve Tolle how the network helps providers overcome fundamental imaging obstacles:
The type of functional, meaningful interoperability that iConnect® Network Services offers has been difficult to achieve in healthcare. What challenges did you need to overcome when creating iConnect?

In order to build iConnect Network Services, Merge had to overcome three fundamental obstacles:

1. Routing and managing physician referrals

2. Routing and managing links to diagnostic images

3. Accessing physician electronic health record systems

We started building the network by focusing on the second obstacle—how can a hospital or imaging center manage their repository of images in a way that allows physicians to easily access images (via contextual links) from within the EHR system? Furthermore, how do you keep those links working over a period of time so physicians can always access prior patient images, even if the hospital or imaging center changes PACS archive or imaging software vendors?

One hurdle we continue to tackle is accessing physician EHRs. While some recent technology standards in the Mean­ingful Use program are game changers for interoperability (notably NHIN Direct), many physicians have yet to upgrade to a MU2-certified EHR and don’t have EHR systems that are able to use this new protocol.

Read the rest of RBMA’s interview with Steve Tolle to discover the benefits of iConnect Network Services, including how:
  • Our huge footprint strengthens our position in the marketplace
  • The network strengthens relationships with referral sources
  • iConnect Network Services is a valuable tool for managing images
  • Automated prior-authorization breaks down imaging workflows siloes and connects providers to referring physicians
  • Clients are optimistic about our latest service offerings, including online ordering and prior-auth

Have more questions? Contact Steve Tolle to develop your imaging strategy.   

Originally posted on: 8/5/2015 8:23:45 AM

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