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Why You Need to Build the Clinical Case for Comprehensive Enterprise Data Management
Alternate text Posted by Watson Health Imaging on 1/6/2017 8:48:21 AM

Why You Need to Build the Clinical Case for Comprehensive Enterprise Data Management
Electronic medical records (EMRs) have made it possible to provide clinicians with access to a patient's medical history, or a patient's truth, at the point of care. However, these electronic systems only tell part of the story – not the whole truth that is required to make informed choices. Today, medical images often become part of an organization's "dark data" – the information that remains inaccessible at the point of decision. But this critical data doesn't have to live in
the shadows.

The ability to access images at any time, from any location and from any device, can help clinicians to provide more effective patient care. However, to make this vision a reality, healthcare leaders must establish comprehensive enterprise data management strategies to support image viewing and sharing across the entire continuum of care.

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