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Merge Communities: A Front-row Seat to Future Radiology Solutions
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Merge Communities: A Front-row Seat to Future Radiology Solutions
In a recent post, my colleague Julie Pekarek discussed Merge Communities and some of the ways our customers use this online social platform to get quick answers to day-to-day radiology workflow questions from their peers and Merge Solutions experts. While Julie spoke specifically to our customers’ ability to work with their peers to solve issues, there are a number of other ways to leverage Merge Communities. Take, for example, Sheila Carroll, Lead Business Systems Analyst for Radiology Imaging Associates PC. Carroll, who is also president of Merge’s Financial Users Group, recently shared how the group helped her resolve what initially appeared to be an isolated problem with a financial application.

“I thought I would just pose a question in Merge Communities to see if perhaps there was a client with the same situation [as us] who maybe hadn't noticed it or said anything to Merge,” Carroll said, “and it turned out there were clients that had the same issue.”

“Our situation had to do with speed, and sometimes that's a very difficult thing to troubleshoot, because it could be the server, it could be your network connection, or it could be the workstation,” she continued. “There are many factors, [but through Merge Communities] Merge was able to see that this issue wasn't isolated, which enabled them to look at it and say yes, this is the application. We had our script, our fix, within two days.”

Carroll also enjoys the opportunity Merge Communities provides for members to help shape long-term upgrades, enhancements, and other improvements to Merge solutions. Current enhancements being discussed, for example, focus on such areas as automation, claims management, and customization.

“One of the things that we really focus on is solutions,” she said, noting that as Financials User Group president, she strives to “steer the group towards future development solutions, things that will help them think about what they are going to want or need in the next one to two years. It can take some time for development to really get something out there, and by looking to the future, we may be able to identify a particular enhancement or solution early, giving development more time to work on them.”

Getting a front-row seat to future solutions is a key reason Carroll believes more Merge clients should join Merge Communities.

“Having insight into future products and capabilities is a great advantage for us,” said Carroll. “And, having a voice in these developments is a true testament to the partnership and collaboration that Merge offers.”

I’m pleased to see our customers benefiting from and taking advantage of this tool. Merge Communities truly are a great way to get insight on client needs, making the social platform an actionable resource for us and for them.

If you’d like to learn more now or want to join, contact Shannon Marshall at Shannon.Marshall@merge.com.

Shannon Marshall is Solutions Manager, Radiology, at Merge Healthcare.

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