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Advanced Interoperability delivers true two-way healthcare communication – and more
Alternate text Posted by Pete Nanos on 9/29/2014 11:22:55 AM

Advanced Interoperability delivers true two-way healthcare communication – and more
Consider how most medical image ordering and fulfillment typically takes place today. Most referring physicians usually fill out a requisition form and either give it to the patient or fax it to an imaging center. The imaging center then enters the order into its radiology information system (RIS) and contacts the patient to schedule the exam. Upon completing the exam, the imaging center then uses fax or point-to-point interfaces to transmit the results back to the referring physician’s office, where it is then routed to the patient’s electronic health record (EHR).

Wouldn’t it be great to automate the process in both directions? Not just for imaging providers to be able to transmit study results through the Internet, but also for physicians to route those orders through the internet to the imaging center in the first place?

The era of electronic referrals and online order management is here and brings a wealth of new capabilities to expand advanced interoperability. These include:

  • The ability for referring physicians to order imaging exams, and imaging providers to deliver study results, electronically via the Internet, resulting in true, bi-directional information exchange between providers
  • A full suite of clinical decision support tools for referring physicians
  • Batch signing of radiology reports for radiologists
  • Assignable work queues
  • Image access from any browser-based device, at any time and any location
  • A single connection that brings with it ubiquitous reach for improving patient care

What’s more, all these features and benefits are available across all platforms and devices -both desktop and mobile. Incorporating electronic patient referrals and online ordering into an advanced interoperability strategy streamlines workflow, reduces costs, strengthens referral networks and meets regulatory requirements, including Meaningful Use.

These capabilities will be available this fall and will bring with them the ability for medical imaging providers and referring physicians to work together better than they ever have before.

You’ll be seeing us around - visit Merge booth #600 at the RBMA 2014 Fall Educational Conference in Seattle, WA from October 19-21, to see how this approach can help you achieve advanced interoperability.

What does Advanced Interoperability mean for your healthcare enterprise?
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