General Disclosures: Costs and Limitations

A contract is required to purchase any Merge product certified for Meaningful Use. Licensing and implementation of the functionality and content covered by this certification will require fees for software, applicable third party licenses, professional services, ongoing maintenance and hardware.
  • Software licenses fees are aggregated at a practice level and cover the right to use the certified solutions.
  • Third party licenses are noted specifically in the contact, along with any fees.
  • Ongoing maintenance provides support and ongoing updates to the solution (for an ongoing maintenance fee). Contracts can be set to auto-renew for ongoing maintenance payment. Updates to the products may involve services charges for after-hours deployment and additional training.
  • Initial deployment of the certified technology will include charges for requested standard implementation, integration, and training services.
  • Hardware is an additional purchase that can be bought separately by the customer as long as they adhere to the specifications set for the application. As technology platforms (Windows, SQL, etc.) evolve and vendors retire old versions, providers will incur fees to stay up-to-date with those requirements.
Measure/Capability Description     Cost Disclosures Limitations
ePrescribing, CPOE of medications and medication reconciliation These measures allow the provider to order medications, send them electronically to a pharmacy and ensure that medication lists are up-to-date This capability requires Surescripts certification.  Surescripts has separate charges for ePrescribing based on transactions.  It also requires the installation of a drug databank, which is completed as a part of the MU license. The provider must be certified by Surecripts.  The provider needs a consistent internet connection to send/receive electronic prescriptions.  The provider should stay up to date on Merge products to maintain a current drug databank.
Patient Engagement These measures allow the provider to communicate health information with patients These capabilities require a patient portal.  The patient portal is a separate software license, with ongoing maintenance.  Communication is limited by the patient actually using the portal.  There are some internal HL7 interfaces set between the product and the portal.  This requires consistent internet service.
Health Information Exchange  This capability allows the provider to exchange a CCDA with another provider. In order to do this properly, providers should have a registered DIRECT address.  Consistent use of health information may involve a crosswalk, which is a separate license.  If sending a CCDA to another provider, that provider’s EMR must have the capability to accept it.  In addition, any transfer requires the DIRECT protocol to be in place between providers.  This protocol has several requirements for each provider, as well as a HISP between both.
Patient Education  This capability allows the provider to give the patient educational links/material relevant to their health information Merge products utilize Medline Connect for researching educational materials.  This is provided at no additional charge.  This capability requires consistent internet service.
Lab orders and results This capability allows the provider to order lab tests and receive results   If the provider wants to send orders or receive results electronically, they need HL7 interfaces for each one to the specific labs in use. Interfaces require professional services fees.  Customers with significant interface requirements can add an interface engine, which is an additional fee. The interface is dependent on both Merge and the lab working together to establish and test, as well as to maintain if anything changes.  A consistent internet connection is also needed.

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