Flexible, Scalable

Merge Eye Care Solutions

Demand for ophthalmic imaging solutions is increasing due to an aging population, early disease recognition and increased incidence of visual impairment.

Merge offers a suite of solutions for ophthalmic image and informatics which allow eye care specialists to significantly improve practice efficiency.

Efficient Treatment


Quality imaging allows physicians to diagnose eye disease and visual impairment resulting in efficient treatment.

Centralized Image Database

Centralized Image Database

Centralizing diagnostic images from different devices into a single view lets physicians diagnose more quickly.

Fully Digital Systems

Fully Digital

Convert existing fundus cameras or slit lamps to fully-digital systems with digital images.

Merge Eye Care Solutions provide an opportunity to meet the growing need for increased patient visits, early detection and accurate tracking of disease progression.
“The Merge Eye Care PACS interface is very much geared to the clinician. Doctors are presented with opthalmology-specific tools that make it easy to view, diagnose and manage their patient's images.”
Rick Stratton, Senior Systems Analyst, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute