Merge Eye Station™

Image capture software and digital interface for
existing fundus cameras

Merge Eye Station
Merge Eye Station transforms your existing fundus camera into to a fully-digital system that produces journal quality images without having to replace your camera. Eye Station addresses the unique requirements of your practice and physicians with a range of digital imaging systems that accommodate retina specialists, general ophthalmologists, large healthcare networks and research environments.

Merge Eye Station: Convert your existing fundus camera or slit lamp to a
fully-digital system with digital images so you can efficiently diagnose and
treat your patients.

With Merge Eye Station, you can…

Leverage Existing Camera Investment
Leverage Existing Camera Investment
Digitize images by connecting Merge Eye Station to your existing fundus cameras without costly fundus
camera replacement.
Interface With Multiple Modalities
Interface With PACS 
Automatically integrate to Merge Eye Care PACS including a unified database.
Improve Your Image Quality
Improve Your Image Quality
Meet your resolution requirements with high resolution camera solutions by connecting to virtually any fundus camera for detailed images that facilitate diagnosis.
Simplify Imaging
Simplify Imaging
Leverage the same user interface across multiple camera models and brands.

What Our Clients Say...

“Merge Eye Station fits perfectly into our digital imaging strategy. It allowed us to integrate all of our modalities and then make images immediately available to our physicians anywhere in the Ivey.”


Rick Redfern Support Analyst, Ivey Eye Institute