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Merge's end-to-end, automated solution for early screening and detection of diabetic retinal disease. Learn more >>

iConnect® Enterprise Clinical Platform delivers an integrated suite of solutions to your healthcare enterprise so you can share diagnostic content and results. By leveraging a standards-based approach and using web-based technologies, iConnect enables your health information exchange by lowering costs and enhancing patient care. And, now that Meaningful Use Stage 2 rules include image-enabling the EHR as a menu set measure, access to the image is more important than ever.

Key Benefits
  • Comprehensive image exchange reduces administrative workload and enables faster treatment.
  • Images are easily archived, available on-demand and accessible at the point of care, eliminating frustrations like waiting for images and unreadable CDs.
  • Real-time access to any image on any web-enabled device enables faster and broader health information exchange.
  • Modular approach lets organizations leverage existing technology investments alongside Merge’s vendor-agnostic offerings.
  • Access to a complete history of images decreases duplicative imaging and needless exposure to radiation.
*iConnect Access is not FDA-cleared for diagnostic use on mobile devices.

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