Merge OrthoPACS™

Image viewing and management solution for orthopedics

Merge OrthoPACS
Merge OrthoPACS provides instant access to images (regardless of where they are captured) with quick filters and saved searches from any web-based location. With Merge OrthoPACS, you can diagnose anywhere, using any device, plan for surgery with digital templating, and securely archive studies onsite and in the cloud. In addition, our orthopedic-specific solution is flexible and scalable, ready to be implemented as a standalone PACS or easily expanded across institutions or specialties with Merge Interoperability solutions.
Access, review, and share images from any web-based browser to streamline workflow, enable faster results, and improve care delivery.

Imaging Tools

Easily manipulate, measure, and compare images for faster results using orthopedic specific toolsets.
Real-Time Study List
Real-Time Study List
Easily transfer and share studies via surgical briefcase and teaching files. Customize the user interface with single-click access to quality control tools and
customizable worklists.
Client Viewer
Client Viewer
Customize the user interface and settings to meet all sub-specialty needs, allowing for images to automatically display according to each
doctor’s preference.
Zero-Client Image
Zero-Client Image
Web Viewer

Securely access and email images from any device including iPads and iPhones via a no-software download viewer or use the same technology to share studies with referring physicians.


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Follow the journey of Hank Hipman and take a tour of our end-to-end orthopedic solution suite.
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Drummond Certifications
Merge OrthoPACS is not FDA-cleared for diagnostic use on mobile devices.