Merge PACS™

A real-time picture archiving communication system

Merge PACS
Merge PACS serves as a central hub for managing and viewing studies, while providing access to remote users via the web. Our universal worklist and integrated communication tools support teleradiology functionality while the workflow accelerator pulls studies and their priors to your workstation even before they are needed. The result is efficient and effective remote reading which ultimately improves study turnaround time and quality. Merge PACS provides seamless integration with VNAs, EHRs and other systems, and is a plugin to the iConnect® Enterprise Archive which results in a cacheless PACS.

*Merge PACS is not FDA-cleared for diagnostic use on mobile devices.
“The Merge PACS system is important because it has allowed us to really grow and expand outside traditional markets and take on new business. It’s allowed us to grow the practice in ways we otherwise wouldn’t have.”
Tom Smith, Chief Information Officer, Triad Radiology Associates

Key features of Merge PACS

Universal and Composite Worklists
Universal and Composite Worklists
Merge PACS addresses the need for a universal worklist by providing a modular building block approach. A single worklist can cover all of your tasks, making it flexible, easy to manage, and easy
to visualize.
Patient Identity Matching
Designed for Efficient Reading
Don't wait, start reading. With Merge PACS, the workstation is looking ahead to download the next studies while you are reading the first.
Templated User Management
Templated User Management
Templates can be applied at the system, site or group level, and updates are reflected upon the next user login. This approach addresses the need for system level management of user privileges and preference settings.
Monitoring and Analytics
Merge Monitoring
There’s simply no time for downtime. That’s why Merge PACS allows you to proactively track and monitor your environments to ensure maximum system availability.


What Our Clients Say...

Listen as Ron Cornett, Director of IT at Radiology Limited, describes the intuitive framework with Merge PACS.

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