Merge PACS™

Innovative Reading Workflows for Enterprise Radiology

Merge PACS
Merge PACS is a powerful reading workflow platform that simplifies physicians’ reading activities and centralizes the management of studies. Beyond consolidating multiple reading specialty systems, Merge PACS is uniquely designed to handle high-enterprise imaging volumes, perform in diverse reading environments (local, remote, dispersed and teleradiology), and enable providers to seamlessly scale their care delivery.
“The Merge PACS system is important because it has allowed us to really grow and expand outside traditional markets and take on new business. It’s allowed us to grow the practice in ways we otherwise wouldn’t have.”
Tom Smith, Chief Information Officer, Triad Radiology Associates

Key features of Merge PACS

Universal and Composite Worklists
Unleash the true power of the worklist
Harness a highly modular and flexible worklist that allows studies to have numerous statuses for different users, enabling multiple workflows to coexist natively and simultaneously.
Patient Identity Matching
Focus on patient studies without interruptions
Avoid reading disruptions by benefiting from one platform for all specialties, seamless access to data and an automated pre-load of your next study while reviewing the current one.
Instant Messaging
Drive critical communications and compliance
Enable active consultations among experts through the embedded instant messaging application and auditable worklist exchanges.
Monitoring and Analytics
Measure and improve outcomes
Go above and beyond monitoring your systems proactively by understanding how your organization performs with enterprise-wide reports on reading activities.


What Our Clients Say...

Dr. Aron Rosenthal of Charleston Radiologists explains why his organization chose Merge PACS and some of the unexpected benefits of making the switch including customizability and a strong user-interface.

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