Accountable Care
Organizations (ACOs)

Partnerships between hospitals, payors and physicians to coordinate and deliver efficient care

The growing cost of healthcare in the U.S. is driving payment reform and accountability for coordinated patient care. Providers are being encouraged and rewarded to improve patient care by avoiding duplicate procedures and unnecessary high-cost services. Not implementing healthcare IT to provide integrated, patient-centered care will result in decreased reimbursements, loss of business and lack of competitiveness. The ACO initiative offers financial incentives to providers who accept accountability for the overall cost as well as the quality of healthcare delivered to patients. To succeed as an ACO you need to be able to coordinate care and seamlessly share patient information – including diagnostic images – across the enterprise.

Merge Can Help
Our focus on imaging, interoperability and patient engagement delivers integrated solutions that support Accountable Care Organization guidelines. True interoperable image exchange is a key component of an ACO strategy because it provides secure and timely access to patient information regardless of location and affiliation. The result is a reduction in time and cost that benefits healthcare providers, physicians and patients.

iConnect® Enterprise Clinical Platform is a comprehensive, standards-based solution suite for collecting, archiving, viewing, sharing and exchanging unified patient records with multiple healthcare providers. Interoperable image exchange and management is an enabling technology that reduces or eliminates many barriers to efficiency in healthcare organizations.

See the resource list to learn how Merge Interoperability Solutions can enable your ACO strategy.

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