Cloud Computing

A hosting service that enables image sharing and archiving via the Internet

Imaging accounts for 90% of all data stored in electronic health records – making it clear that image exchange is critical to coordinated patient care.  Add in HIPAA privacy rules that require healthcare entities to store electronic health data, including digital images, and you see how the need to securely and cost-effectively store medical images via the cloud has skyrocketed.

Without the accessibility and scalability of the cloud, you also face the daunting task of managing terabytes or even petabytes of imaging data, which means escalating IT costs and difficulty achieving later stages of Meaningful Use. Not to mention the inability to create a complete patient record which would eliminate inefficiencies such as patient-borne CDs and duplicate scans that expose patients to radiation. To enable faster collaboration that improves the delivery of care and reduces costs, you need to store and access images via the cloud.

Merge Can Help
iConnect® Cloud Archive. (formerly Merge Honeycomb Archive) delivers secure image access and storage through the cloud.

iConnect Cloud Archive provides a long-term cloud-based storage option. For disaster recovery and business continuity, data is stored securely in multiple locations and capacity may be increased in the cloud instead of adding onsite storage hardware, management and bandwidth. Images are also available anywhere, any time and are easily shared leveraging iConnect® Access.

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