Closing the communication gap

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Accessing and sharing patient data can be surprisingly challenging for healthcare providers. Patients may learn this first-hand if they, for instance, have an MRI done at an independent imaging center. At the end of the appointment, they’re handed a CD of their imaging study. Since the imaging center has no way to send the images to the patient’s doctor electronically, it becomes the patient’s responsibility to hand-deliver them.

It doesn’t have to be this way. With a vendor neutral archive like IBM iConnect® Enterprise Archive — which allows you to store, manage and share all enterprise-wide images from disparate PACS, specialties, service lines and sites — providers can bridge the communication gap. When combined with a universal viewer like IBM iConnect® Access, images can be reviewed and shared in real time within or outside the enterprise, eliminating the need for CDs.
The most recent releases of IBM iConnect Enterprise Archive and IBM iConnect Access offer new capabilities to improve usability as well.
Integrate IBM iConnect Enterprise Archive into your enterprise to:
  • Access system information quickly through a simplified interface
  • Easily view recent activity with an intuitive dashboard
  • Access information and performance metrics with a new reporting engine 

Use IBM iConnect Access in order to:
  • Rapidly review a patient’s longitudinal record through a new user interface
  • Create a seamless zero-client advanced visualization experience
  • Access and exchange clinical data with rich collaboration

By leveraging enterprise imaging solutions, providers can create the efficient, connected experience their patients deserve.
Discover how Watson Health’s interoperability solution suite can help your healthcare organization today.

Originally posted on: 1/22/2019 10:49:48 AM

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