Scale, simplify, share: 3 goals for radiology organizations

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When it comes to radiology, the challenges just keep on coming. Organizations are doing their best to navigate factors such as the skyrocketing number of medical images, fragmented and siloed IT systems, complex workflows and impeded channels of communication between providers.

To tackle these complexities, radiology practices know they need to offer their providers and staff more efficient ways to complete their work — ways that minimize administrative tasks and maximize opportunities to focus on patient care.
Radiology practices can deliver more value and assist their employees if they focus on these three goals:
  1. Scale the enterprise
Mergers and acquisitions allow organizations to grow their geographic reach and expand their service lines. However, reaping the benefits of this growth relies on the ability to achieve economies of scale. Organizations that manage the size and complexity of their infrastructure can be more efficient and agile.
  1. Simplify workflows
As organizations add staff, specialties or modalities, workflows can become cumbersome and complex. To cope with inefficiencies, providers need to dedicate a lot of valuable time to navigating workflows or even create unauthorized workarounds to get things done. Streamlining workflows can not only boost efficiency, but prevent providers from circumventing formal processes.
  1. Share data
When images and data are universally accessible — regardless of source, format or location — providers can collaborate with each other more easily and be more confident about their care decisions for patients. In addition, data sharing can increase satisfaction and loyalty with referring physicians, which is essential for radiology practices.
Find out how IBM Watson Health’s radiology and interoperability solutions can help your organization scale, simplify and share to meet today’s challenges.

Originally posted on: 9/28/2018 4:02:11 PM

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