Cardiology Specialties

Consolidate your cardiology solutions without losing your specialization

Technological and procedural advances in cardiology have created more focused areas within the specialty. General echocardiography, pediatric echocardiography, invasive cardiology (cath lab), nuclear cardiology, and vascular are subspecialties within cardiology. Each of these subspecialties focuses on unique diagnoses and has a different workflow, so customized technology is necessary to address each subspecialty's distinct needs.

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Watson Health cardiovascular solutions help the…



Increase reporting accuracy and efficiency, limiting mistakes and reducing avoidable readmissions.
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Interventional Cardiologist


Improve interoperability with a technology collaboration between Merge Cardio and Merge Hemo.
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Pediatric Echocardiologist


Streamline workflow to spend more time with patients and less time on reporting.
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Nuclear Cardiologist


Provide detailed recording and reporting for better patient care.
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Vascular Surgeon


Integrate their workflow into their cardiovascular information system.  Learn More >>

What Our Clients Say...

Chris Young, Field Team Lead of IT, Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital, describes how the hospital used Merge Hemo to automate reporting across multiple sites.


Merge Cardio provides IAC compliant structured reporting in the following areas: Vascular, Nuclear/PET, and Echocardiography. 

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