Merge Document Management™

A paperless office solution to easily access and manage
your non-DICOM documents

merge document management
Merge Document Management is an essential companion of Merge RIS™ and Merge PACS™ that saves medical providers time and energy by allowing them to manage documents digitally. A key contributor to any paperless strategies, Merge Document Management streamlines workflow, reduces operational costs, and facilitates compliance with HIPAA guidelines.

Merge Document Management: A paperless office solution to store and manage documents electronically

With Merge Document Management, you can…

Share documents across the organization
Share documents across
the organization

Empower your billing, scheduling, registration, and technologist staff by ensuring safe access to data across multiple locations.
Easily store and manage non-DICOM data
Easily store and manage
non-DICOM data

Import forms, scanned documents, photos, and many more non-DICOM file formats in one place to simplify search and data management.
Instantly access your documents
Instantly access your documents
Save time and limit workflow disruptions by gaining immediate access to documents, such as insurance forms, technician worksheets, patient history, chief complaint forms, prior study reports, and orders.

What Our Clients Say...

Listen as Ron Cornett, Imaging Informatics Administrator at Radiology Limited, describes how staff at his organization realized a 30% improvement in their ability to read cases with Merge Documents.
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