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Watson Health Cardiology Solutions

Merge Cardio™ & Merge Hemo™, ranked #1 in KLAS in cardiology, provide you with a single web-based view of a patient’s complete record from all cardiology modalities, access to simplified reporting tools, and integration with the industry’s largest health information systems and EHRs for interoperable image exchange.

Merge Cardio Best in KLASMerge Cardio received the 2019 Best in KLAS rating for the sixth year in a row! Learn more about this powerful image and information management system that supports all cardiology modalities.


Merge hemo KLAS Category Leader Merge Hemo has been named Category Leader in cardiology hemodynamics eight years in a row! Learn how to automate your cath lab process into an electronic patient record with our simplified touch-screen interface.


5 steps to a better cardiology workflow.

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Comprehensive Patient Record

Create a
patient record

Merge Cardio integrates data from different sites and sources to create a comprehensive digital record to deliver efficient patient care.

Single Cardio Record

Access patient information from a single point

View your patient's complete, up-to-date cardiac file from any web-based location at any time—at the office, hospital or home—and increase physician productivity.

Cardio Digital Reporting


Improve cardiac patient management by using built-in report generation and distribution process within an intuitive framework.

Cardio System Consolidation

Leverage system consolidation

No more disparate silos (cath, echo, nuclear, vascular, etc.) are necessary across your cardiology department, so you have one single point of entry to a complete cardio record.

Cardio EHR Integration

EHR Integration with Merge Cardio

Supports EHR integration so physicians no longer need to go to different workstations to view the complete patient record, saving time and increasing productivity.

Cardio Automation

Automate The Reporting Process

The Merge Cardio reporting platform allows for reports from Merge Hemo to be generated, reviewed and confirmed anywhere, any time.

Merge Cardio integrates patient information from different sources into a centralized web-enabled system so cardiologists can quickly access their patient’s complete cardio file, generate a report and distribute it in a single session—even if they are at a remote location.

This improved workflow lets your cardiologists focus on patient care, procedures and exams, and lets your department operate more efficiently and cost effectively.
“The enhanced workflow helps us maximize efficiencies and allows us to set-up a case from start to finish. This lets us make the best use of our time in a very fast-moving and demanding environment.”
Charlotte Rankin, interim CNO and vice president of clinical operations, Mercy