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Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Expanding the physician's view

Thanks to technological advancements and great strides in related research, imaging precision has improved dramatically in recent years.

As a result we have seen an exponential growth in medical imaging data and a growing number of images per exam, which have coincided with a downward trend in reimbursements per procedure and heightened demand for efficiency and quality.

We are taking the Watson Health Imaging artificial intelligence suite of solutions to market to enhance and expand the capabilities of medical imaging technology in order to help physicians provide more informed and efficient patient care. Our initial offerings, IBM Watson Imaging Clinical Review and IBM Watson Imaging Patient Synopsis, leverage text analytics to inform care decisions. Together, they are the first steps in an exciting journey to transform medical imaging across the globe.


How Watson Health is developing AI for your radiology workflows

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Watson Health Imaging solutions seek to:

Provide contextual relevance
Empower physicians to see expansively by quickly interpreting billions of data points — both text and image data — to identify contextually relevant information.
Improve clinical reliability
Enable physicians to recognize reliably by aggregating and displaying information that may otherwise be easily overlooked.
Help physicians communicate objectively
Ensure physicians can communicate objectively by analyzing structured and unstructured patient data and presenting insights for physicians’ consideration.


Expanding the role of radiology in patient care

We aim to expand the physician’s view by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to search and quickly interpret billions of data points - both text and image data - within the patient’s EMR, across other patient similar cases, and across the most up-to-date medical research.

What Our Clients Say

“I think Watson is going to revolutionize not only radiology, but all of medicine. It’s going to allow us to gain insight into our patients in a way that we’ve never had before.”
Alexander J. Towbin, MD, Associate Chief of Operations, Radiology and Informatics, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center